Access Control


C Gascoigne Ltd. can supply and install a comprehensive range of automated access control and door entry systems.

paxton-door control image sept2015From fully networked, software driven systems such as the Paxton Access Net2 range with up to 50,000 users to stand alone systems such as Paxton Access Compact and Switch2 ranges for smaller less complex buildings with fewer users.


All Paxton Access systems have a large range of compatible control devices from keypad entry, proximity token/card readers, Bluetooth wireless controllers, biometric readers and more. All Paxton Access systems are fully scaleable and highly flexible.


Intruder alarm integration

Nominate those who have permission to unset and set the intruder alarm. When they present their token to the door, the alarm will unset prior to the door unlocking. If the alarm is set, only these nominated people will be able to access the building. This easy-to-use feature helps prevent false alarms.

SMS/Email messaging

Through its easy-to-use ‘Triggers and Actions’ function, Net2 can send SMS or emails when a specified trigger happens. Get an SMS message sent to your mobile if a door is forced!

View IP camera images

See who is at the door, before you let them in. View what is happening throughout your building.

Control lighting and heating

Turn lights on when you arrive in the morning; turn them off when the alarm is set at night – easy with ‘Triggers and Actions’.

Hands free

Hands free access control enables any Net2 door equipped with P series PROXIMITY readers to achieve hands free ranges of up to 2.5m. Doors are converted to hands free simply by wiring a hands free interface between the reader and control unit. Hands free tokens are then supplied to users who require hands free access. Both standard Net2 and hands free tokens will work on a Net2-equipped door.

Integrating IP Cameras with Net2