Loughborough based CCTV installers & maintenance engineers

Loughborough based CCTV installers & maintenance engineers

Many properties and environments now have a need for some form of security monitoring system, whether it is an access control system or CCTV.

As Loughborough based CCTV installers & maintenance engineers C Gascoigne Ltd has the ability to install the right equipment for the protection required, provide maintenance for any existing equipment already installed and advise on any upgrades that may be being considered. By working closely with such a company as C Gascoigne Ltd we can ensure your business does not suffer the pitfalls of bad advice and poorly installed equipment.

CCTV cameras are evolving with a transition period between analogue and IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV cameras well under way in the UK.

We are now seeing a major technological shift over to IP cameras due to the vast improvements in picture quality and versatility that IP offers. In order to give our customers the best possible solution we have chosen to continue supporting analogue systems whilst offering advice on the best and most cost effective way to migrate existing analogue systems over to IP in order to benefit from the latest technology.

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There seems to be much confusion within the IP CCTV market as to who is best placed to advise and install the technology.  This is mainly due to the crossover in disciplines involved in a networked IP solution.

IP cameras routinely require a structured cable network for the transmission of data back to the recording device.  The route back can be through existing networking cables and switches, saving thousands in installation costs.  The problem with this exercise is that installed incorrectly without due regard to the flow of existing data traffic the system can be ground to a halt by the sometimes high bandwidth required by IP data.  In reality this can be avoided by selecting the correct equipment and installing it in a carefully and considered way.

We are able as CCTV installers & maintenance engineers in Loughborough to provide our services in & around Shepshed, Coalville, Hathern, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Coalville, Melton Mowbray, Hinckley and beyond.

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