Fire Suppression

Automatic Gas and Fire Suppression Systems

If you are looking for an effective and highly versatile automatic fire extinguisher to protect a small electrical enclosure/ portable piece of equipment, or an alternative to an expensive flood system, we can help. We are providers of well-designed and carefully installed fire suppression and gas suppression systems that are amongst the most popular automatic fire extinguishing systems available.


Our systems provide a simple solution to an apparently complex problem. Through the use of a unique patented detection tube the suppressant is discharged into the seat of the fire using a pre determined quantity of extinguishant only. This makes for a fast acting, highly efficient system with little to no wastage. Using this system in place of a retrofit flood system there is no requirement for expensive control mechanisms, extraction systems or large building remedial works sealing up rooms. The best designs are quite often the simplest and the simplest designs are quite often the cheapest. That said, we will not compromise on quality and effectiveness.


These systems are primarily aimed at the small to medium sized application such as data racks, electrical enclosures, distribution boards and the like.  But due to the almost endless versatility of our fire suppression system it can be adopted into all kinds of risk areas.

These may include mobile locations such as engine compartments of stand by generators, fork lift trucks, boats, underground plant or more static applications such as pharmaceutical laboratory fume cupboards, battery chargers, production machinery, railway signalling cabinets and many, many more.


Our automatic fire suppression system is very simple and operates effectively as a stand alone item with no electrical connection required.   However, it can just as easily be incorporated into any external control system if needed. These could include for instance a plant shut down system, a BMS system, a fire alarm system or just a simple stand alone local audible and visual warning system. As fully qualified NICEIC approved electricians CGL can advise on and install any of the control systems mentioned above to complement the installation process.