Water Detection

Protect your assets from the ingress of water with a detection alarm.

The two main risks to a business are fire and water…. what happens if you have a leak, a small drip on a server could be catastrophic! A range of water leak detection systems are available to suit a wide variety of situations from large commercial applications to home protection.


  • Early Warning Alarm for Water Leak Detection.
  • Can be used to detect leaks from HVAC plants, over flowing drip trays on refrigeration units, dripping from sweating pipes, ruptured storage tanks and much more.
  • Can be interfaced with existing alarm systems/monitoring stations.
  • Can easily control shut off valves to close water entry into the protected area in the event of an alarm.
  • Easily installed, serviced and maintained.
  • Can be used to detect leaking oil, diesel, acids and many more, please give us a call to discuss your requirements.


  • Linear detection with Hydro-wire
  • Point detection with Floor and Drip Tray Probes and Float Switches.
  • 2 – 24 zone panels.
  • Choice of panel design and mounting.
  • Fully monitored detection and alarm circuits.
  • Dedicated Fire-Cryer, ‘Water Leakage’ messages available.
  • Remote ‘Water Alarm’ lamp units available.
  • Leak detection alarm with audio/visual output and BMS interface. Ideal for monitoring in archive rooms, smaller comms rooms and plant rooms.
  • Battery backup.

If your building or equipment to be protected is remote or doesn’t even have electricity installed we can overcome all these issues with some simple forward thinking and the use of a little technology. Please call us to discuss the possibilities.