Industrial and Commercial Lighting services:

– Maintenance of both indoor and outdoor lights – from changing fittings and lamps to fault finding…

– Design / Install efficient lighting schemes

– replacement lighting schemes

Artificial lighting can form a major part of the electricity usage for many businesses, in particular where old outdated systems are used. With constantly rising energy costs it stands to reason that by using modern energy efficient fittings and by employing well specified intelligent controllers (e.g. presence detection) large savings can be realised very quickly.

By getting a light design right, not only can large savings be achieved but the quality of the working environment can also be significantly improved.

The application of the proposed scheme is the most critical factor when assessing the quantity, type, location, brightness, colour, efficiency and control system for any scheme.  By correctly identifying the exact requirements savings can be made by simply not over lighting the area.  Once the application has been identified then you can move on to select the appropriate lighting levels required for that task and ensure money is not wasted.

Our aim is to help businesses understand the need and benefit of good lighting design combined with the common sense application of controls.

There is no justification for over complicating a simple scheme, contact C Gascoigne Ltd who can provide comprehensive independent, computerised schemes with accurate payback information for your exact requirements.

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