Energy Efficient Lighting

True energy efficient lighting should concentrate on removing the waste

In a well considered true energy efficient lighting scheme many factors are taken into consideration with the choice of lamp being just one of many.

Obvious Savings


  – office light from a standard 80W to an energy efficient 38W SAVING…. 52.5%

 – warehouse light from a standard 400W to an energy efficient 140W SAVING…. 65%

 – external light from a standard 250W to an energy efficient 100W SAVING…. 60%

 – Retail/Display light from a standard 50W to an energy efficient 7W SAVING…. 86%

Reducing the energy used will save money as electricity usage goes down!

 Does not necessarily mean replacing light fittings

Energy efficient does not necessarily mean replacing light fittings with new e.g. LEDs, it may just be as simple as installing a timer, photo cell control, presence detection or the like. Where lighting is left energised for long periods in unoccupied locations there is waste.

In some cases there are obvious savings and the decisions are easy. For instance where banks of highly inefficient eight foot fluorescent fittings are employed it would make no sense in servicing them. Replacement is inevitable as they reach the end of their useful life as they are now unsupported legacy items. The question is, what to replace them with and can the new scheme be better controlled. The only way to arrive at the most suitable and efficient answer to these questions is through communication with the user and understanding the application fully.

C Gascoigne Ltd. have access to all the latest testing and monitoring equipment in order to gather important data to aid in the decision making process and monitor savings upon completion where required. We will not just install LED lights; we are truly independent and will select what we consider to be the most suitable equipment for your individual applications.

For a well considered approach and true energy efficient lighting scheme, CONTACT US.