LED Lighting

Up until only very recently the vast majority of LED light fittings fell into one of two categories, good but prohibitively expensive or poor quality to the point of not worth installing.

We have seen high end architecturally designed LED lighting schemes being installed where payback could never be achieved in the real commercial world we live in.  Equally we have seen cheap imports being installed with early failures, poor lumen degradation and lacking warranties that could be relied upon.

SuspendedSo, by using our in depth knowledge and extensive industry contacts C Gascoigne Ltd. have vetted and carefully selected a range of LED light fittings which will give our customers the confidence required to enter into the LED market place. The fittings we have chosen all carry bankable warranties that can be relied upon and are competitively priced in order for quick payback times to be achieved without foregoing quality. All our light fittings are sourced from main stream UK based suppliers and are mainly manufactured in the UK, Europe or the USA. Using our years of experience we have carried out due diligence on our customers behalf giving them the confidence to enter into the LED market place and removing the risk of making costly mistakes with poor quality equipment.

 Word of warning…..

LED PanelAs the rush toward LED lighting driven by large energy/cost savings gathers momentum, it is critical that any organisation or buyer does not find themselves purchasing inferior quality fittings imported by unscrupulous retailers and suppliers.

The pay back or return on investment for such large capital projects is generally calculated in years and not days.  It is therefore vital that the quality of equipment purchased is capable of delivering the promised savings and equally that any warranties are bankable in a failure situation.  Whilst large projects would suffer the worst from a poor decision at implementation stage the same common sense approach should be taken to projects of any size.

Just think, if you purchased a new car for several thousand pounds and then a year later realised that the manufacturer was no longer around and parts aren’t available nor are there any garages who can service it.  This is what some people are facing or are going to face in the LED lighting market who failed to carry out due diligence on their purchasers.  The bigger the scheme the worse it is and more costly the problem becomes.  For these reasons it is critical to buy well.  The price of a product is no indication of its quality.

For this reason we have put together a simple BUYERS GUIDE along with some outline details of LED lighting in order to aid any prospective purchaser in their decision making.  Whilst we hope you find the following information informative and enlightening, pardon the pun, we equally hope it goes some way to re-enforce our own good intentions and ethics.