Lighting Controls

Intelligent Lighting Controls

The return on investment and payback duration of any energy efficient lighting scheme can quite often be significantly improved by the use of well-considered and implemented control systems.  Whether such controls are simple timers or more complex strategies integrated into building management systems, the importance of controls cannot be overlooked.

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Lighting control
Presence Detection Lighting controls

Presence detection and daylight linked control systems can be specified as an integral part in most LED fittings.  The key to successful implementation is in the original design.  Getting the design right from the outset will require a full understanding of the area utilisation, occupancy rates, times of occupancy, light level requirements etc.  This can only be achieved by consultation with the end user.

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Day light linking – day light linking is carried out where the target area has a contribution from natural light, (sky lights, windows etc.).  The light fittings are installed with dimmable control gear which raises and lowers the lighting levels in accordance to the level of natural light provided throughout the day and season.  Any day light linking must to be included for at design stage as the internal fittings control gear needs to be dimmable and generally cannot be retrofitted to LED light fittings.

Presence detection – usually in the form of a microwave/ultrasonic detectors in large open areas or Passive Infra-Red (PIR) detectors in smaller areas.  Fittings can be controlled in pre-defined zones, (blocks of fittings) or individually to great effect.

The above control systems can be expensive to install but carry huge savings, up to 70% in the correct environment.


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