Commercial VO

Three Phase Commercial VO (Voltage Optimisation) Schematic


Traditionally Commercial VO (voltage optimisation) units have been installed at the mains intake position to optimise the whole site in a one size fits all approach. Whilst this can result in excellent savings, a more local approach to the overall voltage management plan can sometimes be even more effective and efficient.  

We take the view that voltage can only be managed on a site by site basis, selecting the correct equipment for the correct application.  This could range from the replacement of an old iron cored HV transformer with the latest amorphous cored high efficiency units through to a small 63A single phase unit connected to a warehouse lighting scheme or small industrial unit/office/commercial unit.  We only install VO units where realistic savings can be made and in most cases can guarantee the savings.   We can even offer finance packages through our industry partners where the costs of such equipment can be paid for from the savings achieved. 

For example, discharge lighting such as, switch start fluorescent and Sodium lighting typically seen in warehouses and car park environments return excellent savings between 15% and 20% and can extend lamp life and reduce maintenance costs.

Note: On the above schematic not all circuits have been optimised – by applying optimisation to only the circuits where good savings can be made we achieve maximum returns. By employing this method of distribution, savings can be between 15% and 20% of those circuits optimised.