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Monobloc/Through The Wall Combined Indoor Air Conditioning Unit and Heat Pumps

What is a monobloc/through the wall combined indoor air conditioning unit and heat pump?

Monobloc air conditioning units have both the condenser and evaporator combined in the indoor air conditioning unit so there is no outdoor unit. This can be an advantage where space outside is of a premium or external aesthetics is an issue such as listed buildings, hotel bedrooms, conservatories and the like.

Are monobloc/through the wall air conditioning units available with heat pumps built in?

Yes, monobloc air conditioning units can be purchased with a heat pump so the unit can deliver both cooling and heating as required. The units can also be purchased with inverter controls to deliver optimum efficiencies. Where monobloc units form the sole source of heating, a unit is available with an on...

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Solar iBoost Supplier and Installer

C Gascoigne Ltd NICEIC Approved electrician and MCS accredited Solar PV installer are your local Solar iBoost supplier and installer covering Loughborough and the surrounding areas for homes/businesses with Solar PV installed. The Solar iBoost is a simple to install product that wirelessly monitors the energy generated by a Solar Array and diverts any exccess energy to heat the hot water in the immersion heater. Supplied and installed for £399.00*, including VAT. Solar-iBoost-Brochure-cglvJUly 2013   * This assumes that the immersion heater is in working order and there are no other works required other than the simple installation of the Solar...

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Wall Mounted Electric Heaters v’s Air Conditioning

The Most Efficient Electric Space Heaters for Offices, Hotel Bedrooms and more…

Traditionally electric heaters have been ugly buzz boxes on the wall pushing dry heat around a room through a noisy cheap fan motor with little to no thought for cost or efficiency. Whilst in the large part this remains to be the case, there are other much cheaper to run more efficient and intelligent systems on the market today. It is the purpose of this article to introduce the reader to these systems and hopefully give some understanding on how these boxes of seemingly magical powers work.

“rather staggering efficiencies”

Due to their name they are largely overlooked, but a reverse cycle air conditioning unit (sometimes known as an air to air source heat pump) used for room heating...

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