Solar Panel Repairs

We are able to check for Solar Panel Repairs, if PV panels are in working order, and suggest solutions should an issue be found.

Solar PV Panels do not generally fail but do need to be kept clean and the wiring checked for loose terminals as this can cause failure to the system but can be easily fixed.

A PV panel can be impacted by large amounts of dirt, leaves, bird poo and vermin e.g. squirrels who like to eat solar electric cables!

Leafs causing an issue under the solar panels

Any actual panel failure is normally found at installation stage from the manufacturers production process. Occasionally, the Diodes (by pass) in a panel can fail which can result in a panel becoming in efficient and not generating the expected power as it does not use all of its cells.

C Gascoigne Ltd are able to replace diodes if this is found to be the problem, and/or contact your panel manufacturer to see if this issue is covered under the panels warranty.

Solar PV System Repair Costs

We provide a written quotation for all works for approval prior to work being undertaken. Initially we try and undertake a system analysis “off the desk” without visiting site, this avoids incurring the customer with additional costs, we can then visit site and fix the problem in one visit.

Do you have an issue with your Solar PV system or require solar panel maintenance? Get a FREE quote now!

Solar Panel Repairs

An impact damaged solar panel