What return could I expect from a 4kW system?


£612 *
Based on – a reduction in your fuel bill, assuming electricity

costs £0.34p per kWh, and half that generated being used.

You may also receive a SEG payment, subject to an application being made by you and it being approved.

This assumes that:

  • The solar panels are mounted at an angle of 45 degrees, facing south with no shading.
  • The property has an EPC certificate of D or above
  • electricity costs 0.34 p per kWh
  • This calculation is based on standard figures, and assumes that you use 50pct of the electricity generated.

These figures should be used for guidance only.

* Your electricity provider makes these payments to you. Details of this will be available on your suppliers website. Alternatively, visit the official Feed-In Tariff website.

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How does it work?

The picture simply explains. The panels (PV Modules) take the sun’s energy and convert this to electricity which is fed back into your home via an ‘inverter’.

solar PV Schematics

Can the panels be installed anywhere?

Yes, where there is available space but their efficiency is affected by their direction toward the Sun and any shading/shadowing.

The panels are best installed facing anywhere between East and West, the nearer to South the better, as more sunlight will reach the panels. In addition, any large trees or chimneys should be taken into consideration for shading when evaluating the sighting of any panels.

What size system can I have?

The panels can be tailored to fit the required size so you can have what ever you like if you have the space, but the Feed-In Tariff changes where you generate more than 4kW.

If I am interested what should I do?

Contact us, we are happy to discuss this possible project with you and provide you with a basic illustration for you to consider.

We do not employ high pressure sales techniques. We pride ourselves on a friendly service based on best practice and sound advice.

Once you have decided that you wish to take this further we would then visit you, undertake a site survey and provide you with a bespoke formal quotation based on your needs and requirements, including the panel size and type discussed.

Contact us so we can provide you with a detailed illustration based on your specific circumstances.