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Solar PV system stopped working

Solar PV system stopped working, contact us we can help with all issues on solar PV electricity generating system repairs and maintenance.

We aim with some simple questions about your system to be able diagnose the system problem for you and offer a cost effective solution.

t) 01509 341971


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Fronius Symo 20.0-3-M Insulation RISO fault

Twycross – Fronius Symo 20.0-3-M insulation RISO fault

The Fronius Symo 20.0-3-M insulation RISO fault on the Solar PV system was quickly identified as rat damage to DC cables on the array.


104 Renesola JC245M-24-Bb panels were removed where each string was carefully checked and repaired as required before mechanical protection was installed to protect from further attacks.

All debris from the roof was removed from under the arrays before the system was reinstated.

Renesola JC245M-24-Bb Panels
Fronius Symo 20.0-3-M fault

Once complete all string cables were again tested in both dry and wet conditions.


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Replacement Solar PV Total Generation Meter

Warwick –Replacement Solar PV

Total Generation Meter

Replace faulty Elster A100C solar PV total generation meter for a new Landis & Gyr E110

including paperwork for registration of new meter with Feed In Tariff provider.

Elster A100
Landis & Gyr...

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Mastervolt XS Fault Code HW Fail 3

Tipton – Wolverhampton – Mastervolt XS fault code HW FAIL 3

Mastervolt XS was reported with a fault code HW FAIL 3.

Attended site and carried out preliminary inspection.

The inverter was found to have been located in an unsuitable location within an enclosure in full sun.

Mastervolt inverter mounted on south facing external wall in cabinet

This probably contributed to its early failure due to the build up of excessive heat in a poorly ventilated enclosure.

The inverter was found to be beyond economical repair.

The inverter was replaced with a SMA Sunny Boy SB2.5-1VL-40 complete with on board wifi monitoring and relocated to a cooler...

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Fronius IG TL error state 447

Court House Green - Coventry – Fronius IG TL ERROR state 447


System reported as intermittent fault.

After an initial inspection an insulation resistance fault was located on the array DC wiring.

A second visit would be required to remove panels and investigate further.

Severe damage was found to DC cables on roof which was repaired with the array reinstated.

Fronius IG TL error state 447

Fronius IG TL error state 447

Poor workmanship also contributed to the insulation resistance fault due...

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Samil Power Solar River 4000TL-D

Bingham – Nottingham – Samil Power Solar River 4000TL-D

Samil Power Solar River 4000TL-D

Samil Power Solar River 4000TL-D inverter reported to have failed, no yield from system.

System thoroughly checked and tested, no fault could be found.

Inverter re-started and was found to be working ok.

System left in working...

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Solar PV system and inverter Maintenance

Over January we have looked back on some of the solar PV system and inverter maintenance work we have been doing, so the following blogs are a few of the inverter maintenance and maintenance or installation cases we have dealt with since the Summer which we thought you may find interesting........

  • Blackfordby – Swadlincote - SMA Sunny Boy SB1500
  • Radcliffe on Trent - Nottingham –  Fronius IGTL
  • Radcliffe on Trent – Nottingham – SMA Sunny Boy SB2500HF-30
  • Hamilton – Leicester – Power One PVI-3.6-OUTD error E031
  • Court House Green - Coventry – Fronius IG TL error state 447
  • Tipton – Wolverhampton – Mastervolt XS fault code HW FAIL 3
  • Hinckley – Growatt 3000MTL - service visit
  • Walsall – Mastervolt XS4300 showing INSULATION fault
  • Long Eaton – Nottingham – Schuco/Sunny Boy...

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Removal of solar panels and re-install of solar panels in Loughborough

Todays job required our knowledge of the installation as well as the removal of solar panels. Our client contacted us when they were informed essential roof maintenance work needed to take place on their premesis. We visited the site to remove the solar panels safely and in a way where they could easily be re-instated after the maintenance work had taken place. See the images below of the panels being removed... One row down! C Gascoigne offer installation, maintenance and repairs for all manufacturers of solar PV systems equipment, inverters, panels, total generation meter replacement etc. We are MCS & NICEIC Approved Electrical Contractors with full accreditations and training. Get in touch with our experienced team for any solar PV...

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SolarEdge certified Inverter Installation and maintenance

We are delighted to announce C Gascoigne Ltd  are now  SolarEdge Certified Installers offering SolarEdge inverter installation and maintenance services.

If you are to experience any problems with your Solar Edge inverter or inverters, optimizers or power boxes, get in touch with our team of solar PV

As SolarEdge certified installers we can install, replace, fix or repair, speaking to SolarEdge on your behalf ; checking if your system is under warranty and coordinating the repair process  as easily as possible for you. We can do this on all SolarEdge systems in place of your original installer.

Contact us via telephone on 01509 341971 or via e-mail or visit our contact page here

You can be confident we...

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Is your Solar PV system Total Generation Meter reading low?

Is your Solar PV system total generation meter reading low, or has it not changed since the last time you did the reading for the Feed in Tariff (FiT)? This problem is not unusual, it could be the weather but this is now being highlighted by the feed in tariff providers e.g. Npower, EON who will send out a letter when they receive a reading which is 20% less than they were expecting. They use 20% to allow for weather variations. Please give us a call, it could be as simple as your total generation meter needs replacing, we can diagnose the problem and have your system back up and running for you in no time Telephone: 01509 341971 E-mail: C Gascoigne specialise and are vastly experienced in the repair and maintenance of...

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