Air Conditioning Controls for New and Existing Systems


As both NICEIC Approved electrical contractors and F Gas qualified Air Conditioning engineers C Gascoigne Ltd can offer new and existing customers our experience in control systems for their Air Conditioning installations.

We regularly encounter buildings where air conditioning systems are running needlessly in unoccupied rooms and set on unrealistic temperatures by the occupants leaving the bill payers to pick up the tab.  This is both harmful for the environment and the wallet. 

By using a little intelligence and quite often some simple control devices the air conditioning can be brought back under control by lowering heating/cooling loads, reducing run times and in turn bringing down running/maintenance costs.  C Gascoigne Ltd can install Air Conditioning Controls for New and Existing Systems

On most new systems this can be done with a simple interface unit to get control over the local air conditioning unit plus a simple inexpensive control device.  These systems can be stand alone or centrally controlled on a network depending upon the complexity of the system or the customers requirements.  Wireless window and exit sensors are also available for even greater control where required.

Our simple controllers can routinely pay back in 6 to 12 months, starting from £140 + VAT for a simple wireless battery operated wall mount system.

It has been reported that regular savings up to and in some cases over 50% have been made by the installation of such simple devices.  If required, the same control unit can be used to switch lighting loads making even greater savings.

If you would like a common sense approach to energy reduction then please contact: T) 01509 341971 or email) to discuss your needs.