How much does a Solar Panel system cost?

“How much does a solar panel system cost?” is a question we are quite often asked.

Well that depends on:

– the size of system that you are looking for

– the type of solar panel e.g. silver panels are not as expensive as black ones, Chinese manufactured panels are quite often less expensive than the German manufactured panels…..etc

– the type of inverter e.g. micro inverters are more costly than string inverters but allow monitoring at a panel level normally via the internet.

– the length of time you are looking for payback. At the moment if you used half of the electricity generated you could achieve a return on your initial investment by year 8 (based on electricity saving and FIT), with the remaining 12 years of the Feed in Tariff as a return on your investment! Our experience shows that the average 4kW system could achieve a return in excess of 9% p.a.


Cost of a solar PV system = a simple 4Kw system from £6,550 including VAT at 5%

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