GoodWe Solar PV Inverters

GoodWe Solar Inverter Standard Warranties

GoodWe Solar Inverters arrive with a minimum standard 66 month (5 years, 6 month) warranty period and some models have a standard 126 months (10 years, 6 months) warranty so it’s worth checking which one you have. GoodWe offer the option to extend their minimum 66 month warranty up to a maximum of 20 years. Some installers/resellers take out the extended warranties to incentivise purchases so it’s worth checking out if you have one of the extended warranty packages against your inverter as this may make all the difference if your inverter is faulty.

Is my GoodWe inverter still under warranty?

If you wish to know if your GoodWe inverter is still under warranty, then contact us with your inverter make, model and serial number and we will be able to advise, the serial number should be located on a sticker on the side of the inverter.

Who are GoodWe?

GoodWe are a Chinese manufacturer of solar inverters formed in 2010 ranging in size from small single string domestic inverters up to larger 80kW multistring inverters for commercial scale projects. More recently they have launched a range of battery storage systems and hybrid inverters to complement their own grid solar inverters.

Can my GoodWe Inverter be serviced?

At the time of writing GoodWe inverters are available in the UK and can be serviced by C Gascoigne Ltd. contact us