Growatt Solar PV Inverters

Growatt Solar Inverter Standard Warranties

Growatt Solar Inverters arrive with a minimum standard 60 months (5 years) warranty period. Growatt offer the option to extend their minimum warranty up to a maximum of 10 years. Some installers/resellers take out the extended warranties to incentivise purchases so it is well worth checking out if you have one of the extended warranty packages against your inverter. This may make all the difference if your inverter is faulty.

Is my Growatt inverter still under warranty?

Growatt have a strict warranty replacement policy which must be adhered to. This policy requires the completion of forms prior to the returning or acceptance of any warranty claims. C Gascoigne Ltd. can take care of any warranty claim from start to finish. If you wish to know if your Growatt inverter is still under warranty then contact us with your inverter make, model and serial number and we should be able to advise, the serial number should be located on a sticker on the side of the inverter.

Who are Growatt?

Growatt were formed in 2010 and are one of the larger Chinese manufacturers of solar inverters. Their inverters range in size from 1kW single string inverters up to 2.52MW utility size multistring central inverters. Growatt also manufacture a range of battery storage systems, numerous monitoring systems, Voltage optimisation Units and Electric Vehicle charging units to complement their own grid solar inverters.

Can my Growatt Inverter be serviced?

Growatt are available within the UK at the time of writing and can be serviced by us, simply give us a call to find out more.