Solar Edge Solar PV Inverters

Solar Edge Standard Warranty

Solar Edge inverters come with a standard 12 year warranty with optimiser boxes carrying a 25 year warranty. The new Solar Edge HD-Wave inverter range now has the option for extending their warranty to 20 or 25 years due to the use of thin film capacitors in place of the usual electrolytic capacitors which form an inevitable point of failure over time.

Is my Solar Edge inverter still under warranty?

If you wish to know if your Solar Edge inverter is still under warranty then contact us with your inverter make, model and serial number and we will be able to advise, the serial number should be located on a sticker on the side of the inverter.

Solar Edge accessories and add on equipment

Solar Edge have a range of bolt on and standalone products to maximise self-consumption and monitor the load profile of your installation. The Solar Edge StorEdge solution can be installed either on a Solar Edge inverter or third party system to make best use of the PV energy generated through either the Tesla Powerwall or LG Chem battery packs installed as part of the system. All systems can be monitored remotely through the Solar Edge portal and a range of ancillary devices can be purchased to enhance both the Solar Edge inverter or StorEdge system through wi-fi enabled devices such as their immersion heater controller and wireless switches. C Gascoigne Ltd. have the capability to integrate any of the above systems at competitive prices as we are Solar Edge Advanced Installer trained and are on the Solar Edge support team list. Contact us today for more information.