SMA Solar PV Inverters

SMA Solar Inverter Standard Warranties

SMA Solar Inverters come with a minimum standard 5 year warranty period. SMA offer the options to extend their minimum warranty up to 20 years. Some installers/resellers take out the extended warranties to incentivise purchases, so it is well worth checking out if you have one of the extended warranty packages against your inverter. This may make all the difference if your inverter is faulty.

Is my SMA inverter still under warranty?

If you wish to know if your SMA inverter is still under warranty then contact us with your inverter make, model and serial number and we will be able to advise, the serial number should be located on a sticker on the side of the inverter.

Who are SMA?

SMA were formed in 1981 and are one of the world’s leading solar inverter manufacturers. SMA are based in Germany where they employ over 3,000 staff, have an annual turnover of €1 Billion Euros and a presence in over 20 countries worldwide. SMA manufacture a large range of solar inverters covering all aspects of solar power including advanced monitoring systems and inverter specific design software.

Can my SMA Inverter be serviced?

C Gascoigne are a member of the SMA Advanced Installer scheme giving us access to SMA’s vast knowledge base and keeping us right up to date with the latest news, technology and equipment.