Fronius solar inverter replacement-Twycross

As a Fronius Service Partner this enquiry originated from the Fronius help desk.  We were informed that the Fronius inverter had fault code 417 showing which indicates a DC card failure.

The customer was offered a replacement DC card with a 1 year warranty or a replacement Fronius Galvo 1.5 inverter with a full 5 years’ manufacturers warranty.  In this case the customer decided it would be prudent to opt for the latest technology and have a new solar inverter.

As part of the works the customer requested that the solar inverter be relocated.  It was also noted as part of our site visit that the DC isolator switch was none lockable, a regulatory requirement. This was also rectified as part of the inverter replacement/relocation work.

Fronius solar inverter replacement and repair

Fronius solar inverter replacement and repair

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