Leamington Spa Solar PV fault diagnosis and fix

SMA SB4000TL solar inverter – Inverter showing intermittent insulation resistance fault, (fault code 35).

C Gascoigne were recently called to a site to locate and provide solar PV fault diagnosis on a suspected fault as PV cable connectors were left unsecured in puddles of water on a roof mounted array.

We are currently waiting for a dry day to re-attend and safely remedy the problem.  It was also noted whilst on site that the panels had been mounted with the diode boxes at the bottom of the panels.  This may lead to water ingress as water flows down the cables and toward the boxes instead of away from the boxes.  The array frame has also been installed directly onto the felt roof, this would benefit from being installed on rubber matting to protect the roof felt from puncturing due to the heavy ballast weights required to hold the array in place.  All these issues will be addressed on our return to site.

Solar PV Fault Diagnosis

Solar Panel MC3 connector lifted out of puddle on roof mounted system whilst testing was carried out. A more permanent solution would be implemented once all faults were located and traced.

Leaf Build up under the panel

Whilst on site we also noticed a build up of leafs under solar panel as shown in the image above. This can lead to possible mould growth and a general damp atmosphere adjacent the diode boxes of the solar panel.  Also, you will see the Schletter solar fixing rail had been installed by the original installer with sharp burred edges. These edges were laid directly onto the felt roof with heavy ballast weights applied.  This could cause damage to the roof felt over time. C Gascoigne will install a rubber cushion between the rail and roof felt as part of our corrective/remedial works.

Solar PV fault diagnosis, get in touch

Is your solar inverter showing a fault or you have an issue with your solar PV system, get in touch with C Gascoigne and we can visit your site and diagnose the fault to get your system back up and running.