Solar PV System Service Maintenance Inspection

Solar PV System Service Maintenance Inspection

In order to make sure your system is performing at its optimum we are now offering a “Solar PV System Service Maintenance Inspection” starting from  £180.00  (including VAT at 20%)

Your Solar PV system will have been installed a few years now and just like your car is probably ready for a routine service /maintenance check.

On a monthly or quarterly basis you will have been reading your total generation meter to check that the system is generating, but have you been checking your inverter for any messages? Would you know if you have an issue with a panel? The answer to that is probably “NO”.

With a single 250W Panel generating an estimated £3,335* throughout its FIT yielding life it makes sense to maintain your investment and make sure you are achieving the best possible return.

Should you wish to have a service and inspection undertaken on your PV system please either telephone 01509 341971 or email so that we can book in a suitable date for Craig to come and do this for you?

* 1) Mounted at the optimum orientation and unshaded at the highest FIT rate available