How much does a Solar Panel system cost?

"How much does a solar panel system cost?" is a question we are quite often asked.

Well that depends on:

- the size of system that you are looking for

- the type of solar panel e.g. silver panels are not as expensive as black ones, Chinese manufactured panels are quite often less expensive than the German manufactured panels.....etc

- the type of inverter e.g. micro inverters are more costly than string inverters but allow monitoring at a panel level normally via the internet.

- the length of time you are looking for payback. At the moment if you used half of the electricity generated you could achieve a return on your initial investment by year 8 (based on electricity saving and FIT), with the remaining...

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Air Conditioning Controls for New and Existing Systems

  As both NICEIC Approved electrical contractors and F Gas qualified Air Conditioning engineers C Gascoigne Ltd can offer new and existing customers our experience in control systems for their Air Conditioning installations. We regularly encounter buildings where air conditioning systems are running needlessly in unoccupied rooms and set on unrealistic temperatures by the occupants leaving the bill payers to pick up the tab.  This is both harmful for the environment and the wallet.  By using a little intelligence and quite often some simple control devices the air conditioning can be brought back under control by lowering heating/cooling loads, reducing run times and in turn bringing down running/maintenance costs.  C...

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How to keep conservatory cool in summer and warm in winter?

    LG Artcool The most effective way of keeping your conservatory cool in summer and warm in winter is by installing an Air Conditioning unit. Most people do not realise that the latest inverter driven variable speed Air Conditioners have heat pumps fitted making them quiet in operation and incredibly efficient as heaters too plus with a wide variety of styles, types and colours a well selected and thoughtfully installed Air Conditioning unit can be made to blend in to almost any room with little visual impact. 

From as little as £1200 your conservatory will become more useable throughout the year,...

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